Harrison Shiflet Stables is a proud home to some of the most beautiful and talented show horses.  With three generations of experience, we train and care for multiple breeds such as American Saddlebreds, Hackneys, Morgans, Standardbreds, and Friesians.  All of our horses are remarkably unique and are incredibly fun to be around, whether you choose to ride them or simply spectate.  Our family friendly facility offers full time horse training and provides a lesson program for all levels of horseback riders.

"I'm just following in the footsteps of my Grandfather and Father.  It's The Shiflet Way"
- Grant Shiflet
"Harrison Shiflet Stables has been my home for the past 12 years, not just because that’s where my horses are, but because that’s where my family is. They genuinely care for their customers and want what is best for them and their horses. I cannot imagine being anywhere else in the world; the family environment and training is unmatched."                  
                       - Jessi McCurry

"My dream of of going and being competitive at the World Championship Horse Show would not have been possible without the guidance and commitment of Harrison Shiflet Stables."

                        -Sam Dunn
Claude Shiflet
Harrison Shiflet
Grant Shiflet
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Owner: Harrison & Beverly Shiflet
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Trainer: Grant Shiflet